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Expand I don't want others to see where I'm going inside Vamos; how can I hide myself to others?

If you are not connected with Facebook no activity will be shared to anyone outside or inside Vamos. However your Facebook friends can still see when you joined or maybe joined and event on Facebook directly.

You can also control if you want your RSVPs to show up on the events on Facebook or whether or not you'd like to notify other friends using Vamos with a push notification. This is controlled in settings in the app, which you can access through the tab on the side menu.

Expand Why do you need my location?

We only use your location to show you which events are the closest to you and thus also more relevant. We never share your location with any other third party providers.

If you still don't want to allow us to automatically use your location, you can tap the search icon on the map view to manually find events in different cities.

Expand What other data from me are you storing?

Your name and email is stored in our database. You and your friends’ events are cached (stored so you can access them faster) for another 48 hours.

All the data we use inside the app comes from Instagram, Facebook, or actions within Vamos.

Expand Where are the events you display coming from?

They are all public events from Facebook, Eventbrite and Ticketmaster as well as your personal invitations from Facebook. If you are invited to a private event in Facebook, only you will be able to see it within Vamos. We are also working to integrate more event sources in the future. If you have any suggestions, please contact us at:

Popular feature requests

Expand Can you introduce categories to Vamos?

Stay tuned - we're working on it! In the meantime, you can use the search bar to filter events according to event names, locations, and/or description keyboards. You can find the search bar at the top of your event listings; just pull down the screen to see it.

Expand I'm living in a smaller city with not that many events going on; I would like to see what goes on in a larger city nearby?

You can tap the search icon on the map view to manually find events in other cities around the world - perfect for trip planning or just casual curiosity.

Expand I live in a big city, but no events are showing up yet.

If this happens, it just means we haven’t properly rolled out the app here yet. Vamos works best when there are already a couple of users in that city - the more users, the more events we can show! In the meantime, you can get the ball rolling by inviting your friends to Vamos and sharing your events :)

Expand Why did you remove your Android app?

This decision was very hard for us to take. Building the future of event discovery requires you to be in constant development. As a small and agile team with limited resources we simply couldn't afford to spend any more time and money to develop for another platform. Right now we will focus solely on iOS and then come back with an amazing Android app when we feel that we are getting more close to our vision with iOS.

Expand I'm organising an event, how do I get it listed on Vamos?

First of all, thanks for asking. All public Facebook events which are geo-tagged will be automatically pulled-in as soon as the organizer or one of the people who got invited is loggin in with Facebook.

In case you would like us to promote or feature your event inside Vamos get in touch with our CMO David.

Still more questions? Comments? Feature requests? Don’t be shy, drop us a line!
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